Vienna, Austria
The Zacherlin Factory
Isabel Mundry, Dufay-Bearbeitung I; Matthias Spahlinger, Adieu m’ámour (hommage à Guillaume Dufay); Bernd Richard Deutsch, 2. Streichquartett; Kaija Saariaho, Cendres; Isabel Mundry, Sandschleifen
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20.06.13 20:00

In a Viennese factory. And in the streets….

Over two days Klangforum Wien gave two concerts, both aimed at the young audience.

The first one took place in the old factory "Zacherlin" in the outskirts of Vienna. The abandoned factory is establishing itself as a new, attractive place for art and performance, and Klangforum was be the first ones to play contemporary classical music in the old premises.

It is rare for Klangforum to play outside the traditional concert hall, but by conquering Zacherlin a new style was founded - and a new, young audience was introduced to new music - and a new place.