Vienna, Austria
Das Fluc
Michalis Lapidakis, HOWL; Slobodan Kajkut, Glue sniffer; Bernhard Gander: Fluc ’n' flex; Simon Steen-Andersen, Next to Beside Besides; Olga Neuwirth, Spleen III; Christof Dienz, Juschroa.
05.11.13 23:00

Klangforum went to party - again

During the Wien Modern festival Klangforum Wien went to the nightclub.

This renowned Austrian ensemble was in fact in the process of gaining a new style as they increasingly engaged in parties, clubs, street concerts and even played at discothèques.

Klangforum Wien gave two night club concerts, during the festival. Where the first took place in the discoteque Die Grelle Forelle, aiming at the youngest club audience, this concert aimed at more mature nightlife audience, and took place in Das Fluc – a club known for mixing music with a variety of arts and performances.

This night (starting at 11.00pm) the Klangforum Wien had joined forces with an event collective called TINGEL TANGEL to spice up the event.